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Old 10-19-2014, 02:38 PM   #1
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Scary Games

I was planning to put together a more extensive thread for this, but free time hasn't exactly been a luxury the past couple of weeks.

Anyways, are there any scary games you play this time of the year to go along with Holloween?

I was thinking about getting Alien Isolation for the PC, but I guess there isn't really a physical copy of the game available. I may end up getting this for either the PS3 or Xbox 360; it's only $50 on those consoles.

I've also been thinking about getting back to play Resident Evil 4 (HD remake) for the PS3. I'd completed about 60% of the game, when I'd played it last year.

I also have Fear 3 for the PC, sitting in its shrink-wrap. I really enjoyed the 1st game, and even though it's mostly a 1st person shooter, it had a few moments that made me jump just a little.

What are some of your games?
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Re: Scary Games

This year I'm planning to play Alien: Isolation as well. I just need to wait a few more days for my new graphics card to arrive, then hopefully I'll be ready to go.

In the meantime I'm playing Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Neither is all that scary, but they're both fantastic and the world they're set in is steeped in horror.
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Old 10-20-2014, 01:11 AM   #3
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Re: Scary Games

I am playing Alien Isolation at the moment. My last play session yesterday morning ended with me hiding in a locker for ten whole minutes wondering what I was going to do next. At this point I'd recommend it, though finishing the game may actually be impossible at this point.

I haven't played any of the classics like RE or Silent Hill.

Amnesia is the obvious one, but I got stuck in that (possibly also hiding in a cupboard) and never finished it.

Dead Space was pretty scary at times, and is a good game to boot. Dead Space 2 is not scary at all and not recommended.

Miasmata is a game which can be terrifying at times, and it's a horror that arises from feeling lost and helpless (kind of like the Blair Witch feeling) but that horror may not appear until you're reasonably deep into the game (or it may happen straight away, I dunno). However it is a genre which will not appeal to most people, I think.

Left4Dead? I only ever played the first level so I dunno.

One idea would be to play individual levels from video games rather than full games - eg play the Ravenholme level from HL2. This would require you to be able to reach/load up that level though. I remember the village level in Resistance 3 being quite spooky, though the game in general is not.

Aside: Did they not release a physical version of Alien Isolation for PC then? Poor, but I guess the writing is on the wall. I am assuming there is no difference between next-gen and last-gen on the consoles, it seems fine on PS3. Cutscenes are a bit shonky at the beginning but all else is fine.

Yeah, so games or specific level recommendations welcome here too

Edit: Limbo! Just the right level of creepiness and playability

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Re: Scary Games

System Shock 2 is one of the best games I've ever played, and easily my favorite scary one. And it's on Steam now!
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Re: Scary Games

I spent 2 hellish hours playing Resident Evil 6 last night and the only thing scary about it is how bad it is. I knew going into it that RE6 is bad, but that is not the same as actually playing it.

RE6 starts off with 2 of my least favorite things in games: having to drag a wounded NPC around and quick time events. The first half hour should have been a movie not a game.

I may stick with it to see if there is anything worthwhile in the game.
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