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MLB The Show 14

(moving a short discussion from the PS4 thread)

I popped the disc in for a quick game and an hour and a half later the game was done installing and downloading updates. Ughhh.

You know I am bad at this game when the Colorado Rockies scored an infield home run on me. I bet with some practice I'll get better. That was my first game and I am still learning how to play the game. Doesn't help when the commentators remind me on how bad I am.
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Re: MLB The Show 14

Ha ha, it's tough to get started. I have some issues with the game but I'll leave them to another time. That install was brutal - it installed 8GB and then seemed to download another 35GB and install that before you could play. I had to leave it on overnight.

Remember that the game is all about flexibility. You can play the way you like and turn off everything non critical. For example I turn fielding to auto and let the CPU do it. Also running the basepaths. That leaves you with pitching and hitting, which are difficult enough.

Luckily (!) the game also allows you to use the control scheme you are most comfortable with, so try out a few and see what you are good with.

Pitching - you can use button (press button to pitch), pulse button (a circle expands and contracts, when you hit the button determines accuracy), pure analog (pull back and push forward stick) and more. I use pure analog, it feels most natural.

Hitting is the same, pure analog, analog plus direction (two sticks, the left to determine the area of the strike zone you want to hit, and the right to swing the bat), and loads of button type stuff too. I use pure analog.

For hitting you need to control your stride for timing and obviously recognise pitches (really hard to recognise slower pitches). I am hopeless at this.

So basically you need to find what combination of controls works for you, and don't try and do everything!

The other thing I would recommend is put the skill level to Dynamic. This means if you are struggling, it will make it easier, and it will gradually increase the difficulty as you get better. It tells you on screen when this happens (I mostly get minus signs for 'you are getting worse, we are making it easier').

All I can say is be patient when hitting, and pitching is easy enough when you get a scheme that suits you.

Edit: You can also turn the Catcher on or off when pitching. I left him off for a long time, but it makes the game a lot easier if you leave him on and follow his instructions (but make sure you are your own guy too, don't throw changeups down the middle of the plate when he tells you )

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