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Please rate this review: Infamous

A Shockingly Good Game

High: Lots of variety in powers and mission types, entertaining boss battles
Low: Slightly glitchy character movement and graphics
WTF: The moment in which the main character has to choose between saving the girl he loves or saving six doctors.

Infamous is an open world superhero game that was developed exclusively for the Playstation 3 by Sucker Punch, the developers of the Sly Cooper series. As with all open world games, Infamous allows the player to freely explore the streets and rooftops of Empire City while allowing them to choose which missions they want to play and what order they want to play them in. The player plays the game as Cole Mcgrath, a delivery man who was given the task of delivering a package when all of a sudden the package explodes destroying a huge chunk of the city and killing hundreds of people. After the blast gangs start taking over the city and a plague begins to spread. To contain the plague, the government quarantines Empire city. Two weeks after the blast, Cole, who somehow survived, wakes up from a comma to discover that he can now absorb and conduct electricity, and after a video is shown of him holding the bomb before the explosion, Cole is labeled a terrorist. As the story progresses, Cole begins looking for the person who is responsible for the blast.
The overall story in Infamous does a good job of showing off the personalities of the characters as well as explaining the purpose of each mission ,making the player feel like they are actually progressing toward something with each mission rather than doing it because the game said to. The player will also run into a few interesting plot twists along the way. If there is a complaint to be said about the story, it is that the story does not go into full swing until a little over half of the game has passed. The game also offers moral choices that allows the player to choose to be either good or evil. These moral choices will influence a karma meter. The karma meter will move with every decision the player makes. Depending on a players karma, the crowd will either help or hinder them and Cole will look good and have blue lightning or look evil and have red lightning. Whether your good or evil will also determine which power-ups you can receive for your powers. However, barring one or two instances, the story will not change much one way or the other.
Infamous also bolsters stunning visuals with very detailed textures, amazing lighting effects, great physics and effects, and a overall pretty good atmosphere. The developers really put a lot of work into the little details suck as sparks flying out of broken street lights and transformers, the cloud formations changing and moving, flies flying around garbage, and electricity streaking across a puddle when ever Cole walks across it. With that being said, the character models could have used a little more work. While Cole himself looks pretty good, all the other characters could have used more detail, they are not the worst but not that great. There is also issues with characters going completely through objects, blurriness and pop-up, and characters getting stuck for no reason or being out of place. The sound quality of Infamous is an area of the game that really shines. The sound effects are spot on and the voice acting is great. The only complaint about the sound is that sometimes the characters will repeat the same phrase over and over. This only happens occasionally and never really becomes a huge annoyance.
The overall best part of Infamous is definitely the gameplay. The game offers a total of sixteen powers that will be unlocked as well as three additional upgrades for most of them. While a lot of these powers will resemble gun-play, such as sniper riffle, grenade, and rpg like powers, some of them differ from the norm, such as summoning a lightning storm to destroy everything in your way. There is also a wide variety in mission types. But with that said, the same types of side missions will be completed multiple times. The main enemies that Cole will face are from three separate street gangs. With the exception of each gangs conduits, the only differences between them are their looks and how many shots it takes to kill them. But once the game reaches a little past half way, the player is met by a wide variety of enemies. The control scheme is simple and easy to use and while the camera will occasionally take a bad angle, it is still pretty solid. Cole's movement is extremely solid as he will grab onto any climbable surface just by jumping next to it. This is a double edged sword, however, because Cole likes to grab the closest grab-able surface, it can prove to be annoying when trying to jump up or drop to a specific ledge are pipe. There are also a few instances when Cole will jump through and object in which he was suppose to grab causing him to fall to his death. While this can be quite annoying, these instances are few and far between.
Even with its little quirks, Infamous is an overall excellent game that I feel comfortable recommending to anyone with a Playstation 3. It is a game that I really enjoyed playing and I can not wait for a sequel.

Graphics: 8.6
Sound: 9.5
Story: 9.3
Gameplay: 8.5
Entertainment: 9

Overall: 9/10

Disclosures: This game was obtained via retail store and reviewed on the Playstation 3. Approximately 20 hours of play was devoted to single-player modes (completed 1 times) and there are no multiplayer modes.

Parents: Other than the occasional curse word, there really isn't much to worry about.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The game offers subtitles
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Jason Karney
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Re: Please rate this review: Infamous


You're off to a nice start, from the headline pun alone.

It's a little hard to read right now; your paragraphs are too long, and in the online medium, a space in between each paragraph is a must. This will help anyone else who reads.

In a nutshell, I would cut out some of the story setup and graphical elements, and expand on how the game played. The story seems like it overwhelms your review, so it could be streamlined. The visual elements don't warrant so much attention; a sentence at most, unless you're talking about how the game's detailed world affects you or the gameplay.

I personally appreciate your mentioning the audio quality, that's something I always like to see.

You say the gameplay is the best part of the game, but I really don't get a solid sense of what you experienced playing the game. I've played the demo, so your overview makes sense. But I would like more information; maybe a great (or horrible) moment for you while playing, samples of a mission or two, and stuff that really made you say "wow this is great! I'm giving this a 9!"

And that's a good call on noting the times where Cole's control frustrated you; it's always important to note the things that are less than perfect even when they don't detract from the game.

One more thing -- is there a different WTF moment? That sounds like a big spoiler to me; I haven't played the game, so maybe it's a minor point at the beginning. But if you think it's a spoiler, it probably shouldn't be used.

This is the nice beginning of a review, I hope you'll consider editing if you're interested in publishing on our homepage.
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