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Please rate this review: Dead Space

I am not the biggest fan of EA, but I can arise from my own indifference enough to admit when they make a game that is entertaining, albeit with it's flaws.
Dead Space tells the story of Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent to repair the ship Ishimura, accompanied by the horror cliche female and black guy characters. Isaac does not seem to be much of a character himself. Seeing as how he never says a word. He is a part of the team simply to investigate what happened to his girlfriend/wife Nicole. But it is impossible to feel sympathetic for him because he has no personality. It's like feeling sympathetic for a wall that some school children had just played a game of wall ball on because it's feelings were hurt.
The graphics are standard by the current generation, although there are some pixelated shadows. Other than that, there is not anything to say about the graphics.
Upon making it to the ship, Isaac's ship has crashed into the Ishimura making escape improbable. Upon fixing a problem with a terminal, the system detects an anomaly that initiates a quarantine in the room. Suddenly one of the engineers hears a noise that sounds as if something has entered the room. Suddenly the team begins being ripped apart by monsters. Isaac begins running while being pursued by these monsters until he makes it to an elevator.
Throughout the story of Dead Space, you find logs containing video, audio, and text entries from various crew members that were on the ship. Which leaves it up to you to discover what actually happened on the ship. The very concept of all of this is a rip off of the science fiction horror film, Event Horizon.
Game play is similar to Resident Evil 4, with over the shoulder shooting. The weapons are varied and realistic for the environment. The Plasma Cutter is the trademark pistol type weapon, while there is the typical space marine assault rifle. and a flame thrower for deep space barbecues, and my personal favorite, the Ripper, a weapon that fires spinning saw blades that chop enemies to pieces in a ten foot radius. The monsters, called the Necromorphs are similar in look to the aliens from The Thing, except that they have friggin' swords for arms.
It is also very repetitive, with layered objectives that cause you to go back and forth between certain points of the ship. However, should you actually get lost, you can press down the right analog stick and a holographic line will appear on the floor that shows you where to go next.
The zero gravity sections of the game are innovative and great fun, despite some feeling of motion sickness every now and again, and is used in a very climactic boss fight where I demonstrated my hardcore manliness by having run out of ammo with everything else, I ran up close and personal to use the only weapon that I still had ammo for; The Ripper.
Dead Space looks good and plays well, despite the repetitive objectives, and although this is a horror game, it isn't that scary, it's more startling than anything else. Also, by the end it pulls the typical cliche of becoming more of an action game. But despite all of this, it can be a hell of a ride that makes you want to see it through to the end.
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Re: Please rate this review: Dead Space

Hey there,

Please don't take this the wrong way, but this review is really rough and not quite ready for prime time. My suggestion would be to read at least three or four reviews on Dead Space from sites like ours and others, analyze the styles and content, and then rewrite the piece from scratch.

Thanks for posting, and I'll be glad to take a look at anything else you'd like to submit.
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