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Re: Dark Souls 2

Ok, more info: SL on completion ~140
Quality Build, Str 40, Dex 35, Vitality 30 allowed to use a large number of different weapons very effectively. Rediscovered some old favourites (even though I don't like what they did with the longsword strong attack) and found some new flames (Archdrake Mace is my new Lucerne, Faith Build incoming ). Endurance was relatively low for my standard, only just a little over 20, while Vigor was only little above base level. I found as long as I can hide behind a shield or dodge the attack I don't need hitpoints Worked most of the times, except... for those stupid bosses that cause your health to automatically go down if you're getting to close. Therefore I had more issues with Smelter than I should have, due to the fact that I was running out of hitpoints and didn't find the time to jug an estus.

Attunement I only had at 10 for 1 slot, used it mostly for (greater) magic weapon to get some extra damage when it get's tight or for the cleansing miracle to heal poison. Int and Faith therefore at the bare minimum to use these spells with appropriate gear giving a stat bonus.

The new stat adaptability I have at 18 or so. I noticed a big difference in the efficiency of my dodge rolls one I went above 15 or so. The first boss with base adaptability I had big problems dodging anything. With 15+ I was dancing around the blades like in good old times. I think if you go for any kind of dex build or a build that requires to dodge to any degree, get adaptability to 15 at least.

I always tried to balance my equipment load so that I stay at 70% or less for mid roll. That enabled to wear quite beefy armor (especially when upgraded) and excellent shield (Tower Shield +10 at the end) and number of weapons in the right hand (Black Knight Halberd +5, Longsword +10, Magic Mace +10 and a backup Poison Uchigatana +10, but I think poison on melee is more useful in NG++ and PvP than in the regular game. That doesn't cover poison arrows, which are the probably best weapon ever (used it with the Dragonrider Bow for Str-Scaling which was for quite some time a bit better for me than other bows with Dex-scaling).


Started it and woah, there are some serious changes right away. Don't expect to just run through the second time, since there are a number of new enemies, including completely new enemy types, and the forest of giants is already black phantom central. Don't even want to know how Drangleic Castle will look like... I need more poison arrows...

I'm a bit confused now by something that happened straight at the start of NG+, considering our recent pondering where in the world Drangleic might be.
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