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Rate my review: Stronghold: Crusader

Stronghold: Crusader was released in 2001 by Firefly Studios. This game is old, but still popular in almost all countries. Firefly Studios made this game simple, but interesting. In my opinion everyone, who like strategy games should try this game.

Now I will write basic notes about Stronghold: Crusader game:

First of all, when you start to play this game in main menu you can see these buttons: Crusader (in this section you can choose to play Crusader trail or custom game. In Crusader trail you can fight through 50 linked Crusader games, in Custom game you can customize your own Crusader game), Historical campaigns (there you will find 20 missions), Castle builder (build your castle, anywhere you want and prepare for enemy attack), Multiplayer (you can read about this mode here), Custom Scenarios (create your own maps here).

What about gameplay?
Gameplay is really interesting in this game. Thatís why Stronghold: Crusader is popular and nowadays. You can play custom games, missions, you can also create maps by yourself, and of course you can play this game online. I like that in Stronghold: Crusader game you don't have to wait till buildings will be built or till soldiers will came. Everything happens very fast. Just click on building, choose place where you want to build, press right mouse button and building will be built immediately. Fights are also interesting in this game. You have to think to survive, because game isn't very easy.
The main point in Stronghold: Crusader game is to defeat your enemies. To do that, you must built strong walls, towers and defend your castle with soldiers, also you must earn money by making and selling goods, or by making taxes. When you have money to buy soldiers and your castle has strong defense, you can attack your enemies with soldiers and other mechanisms (catapults, shields, etc.). To win game you don't need to destroy everything, you just need to kill your enemy's king. Of course he will be defended by lots of soldiers. And don't forget to protect your king, because when he will die, you will lose.

Now something more, what you can find in game:

Troops in Stronghold: Crusader game:
Archers, Crossbowmen, Spearmen, Pikemen, Macemen, Swordsmen, Knights, Tunnelers, Laddermen, Engineers: Black Monks, Arabian Bows, Slaves, Slingers Assassins, Horse Archers, Arabian Swordsmen, Fire Throwers.

In game you can also find:

Castles (keep , gatehouse, walls, towers, engineerís guild, tuneleerís guild), military buildings (Armory, barracks, siege camps, stables), ballistas, braziers, engineers, pitches ditches, war dogs, moats, killing pits, food production builders (for example: apple farms or bakeries), weapon production buildings (for example: armorerís workshops, blacksmithís workshops, tannerís workshops and etc.), also you have to produce wood, iron, stone and others goods to build buildings and produce weapons. Food is necessary to keep your population alive.
Graphics in this game is pretty good looking, all things are realistic in this game. Of course we can't compare graphics with 2011 games, but scenery in this game is beautiful. And one more thing, I don't like, in this game is sounds. Soldiers say something every time when you do any actions. This can be annoying sometimes.

Of course recommended system requirements for this game are very low, thatís why everybody can play this game:

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
300 MHz Processor
660 MB HDD space
8x CD-ROM Drive
4 MB DirectX 8.0 compatible Graphics card
56 kbp/s Modem for Internet play
My rating for this game: 9.
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