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Re: Dinosaur King Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy DS

Originally Posted by LightNing View Post
No,I don't have Deinonychus and I don't know how to get it,The translation is not really clear and if someone were to find out,It would be better as we can all enjoy Deinonychus.

Pika-Train Ampelosaurus-Comm'on,It is a SUPER counterstrike type and it is the 2nd largest usable dino(18m).Largest being Isisaurus(21m).Not including Supersaurus and Seismosaurus at 33 and 35 m respectively.Beside,Ampelosaurus is more of a water dino given its colour and it has those cool spikes on its back.just go to Euro Plains and search for a red dot.
no it is the 3rd Jobaria is the 2nd at 66 ft ampelosaurus is 59
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