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Snack Eater
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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

You haven't played the other games, motherfucker.

But I'll admit, Kojimaphilia is indeed the nerdiest of all my obsessions, one than I'm coming down from now that so many non-sheep have called bullshit on MGS4. MGS began to work its mojo on me before I'd developed sufficient critical faculties with which to properly gauge the actual quality of its narrative; the series is precious to me in much the same way that a movie or pulpy sci-fi novel you thought was awesome when you were thirteen might be to you, but it's so singularly weird and I spent enough of my time immersed in its weirdness that it buried itself very deeply in my craw. While I stand by my love of the first three games, and have sufficient justification for my still loving them, the series as a whole is a failure as a story, if at times a noble failure.

Thankfully, I've found the much better Battlestar Galactica to fill more or less the same hole that the fall of the house of Kojima has left in my soul.
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