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Brad Gallaway
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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

you can do any of the stories in any order, and you can have several going at the same time. it's that quality that makes the game remain so fresh and engaging for so long.

basically what happens is that Chibi is a tiny robot in a household of unhappy people. the main quest is to reunite the family, but the sidequests involve the toys in the house that come alive when the people aren't around.

since it's a small house, most of the characters know about each other and interact with each other at least once or twice. we're not talking ini-depth hardcore RPGness here, but i was *quite* surprised at the amount of quests to do, and how well they all intermeshed.

the house feels very open and ready for exploration (which is well-rewarded), but there are at least 1 or 2 characters in each room to check in with, and their subplots keep things moving. if you thought Clock Town was *at all* interesting, my guess is that you'd be in love with Chibi-Robo.

my only gripe with the game in general is that there's a big portion of the game that can be "locked" if you do things in a wonky order... which i did. the stuff is still there to do, but if you screw up the sequence of events, then a huge major sidequest is inaccessible until almost the end of the main adventure. i couldn't figure out why my wife had a totally different experience in one part of the game than i did until i figured out that i forgot to do A before doing B, and then had to do C-Z before i could come back to A.

in any event, it's not like i lost anything, i just had to wait a while before i could do it. the game still gets my top marks and i see it as a Cube must-play, no question.
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