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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by jason
I agree, it's very tough. Although there are many comparisons to Metal Slug, I think Alien Hominid isn't designed as well. It's much harder (for me at least) to find "safe standing areas" at any given moment.

I think that's at least partly due to the animation style. But yeah, most levels are designed sparse: left to right, with a few things to jump over in between. And enemies spawning everytime you clear out a section? Ewww. Doesn't speak highly of the design in general.

Just beat Viewtiful Joe 2 today. Less gouge-out-eyes difficulty and more game balancing = more fun. Unfortunately, the boss fights pale in comparison to the original, and it really doesn't help that the game is littered with them. Viewtiful Joe 2 is at it's best when you're ripping through hordes of baddies using your groovy skills; it's fun playing through the same levels over and over again using different moves and comboes. Of course, it's all exactly the same as the first, but who cares?

Oh, and Sylvia sucks. Really really sucks. The story is also less amusing than the first. The tongue-in-cheek campiness is still in full force, just not as well written. Some puzzles are also a bit too random, to the point where they seriously break up the action and just rack up frustration. There's also apparently no secret characters. Oh well.

I had more fun with VJoe 2 than the first, but that's really only because the game is easier overall. In comparison, the original feels like the real deal.
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