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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Boy
Just beat Link's Adventure on my GC. I can kinda see why it seems so out of place in the Zelda series. It's not so much the fact that it's a side-scroller. I think it's more because it's not much besides a thinly-veiled action game.

It has less depth than even the first Zelda. In that game you had boomerangs and bows and bombs and magic spells, not to mention the dungeons had puzzles. Link's Adventure is rarely ever more than just slash slash slash your enemies, proceed to next room, slash more. When you get special items, like the raft or the flute, you use it once (usually immediately after you get it), then forget it exists. Same goes for most spells.

Despite all this I did enjoy the game quite a bit more than the original. It was fun in a ninja gaiden/castlevania sorta way. I doubt Zelda would've lasted as long as it has if they had stuck with that format though.

I thought the towns and leveling up in that game made it as RPG-ish as the previous. It wasn't pure action. I really liked the game, but it feels far from a normal Zelda since you don't really have much in terms of tools for use during battle.

Know what might be cool in a future Zelda? Leveling up. Maybe not RPG-style, though. GTA:San Andreas had a great level-up system where you simply use a certain gun to gain proficiency or drive around to become a better driver. Very cool and while not necessary, a nice addition. How cool would it be to see Link learn to throw the boomerang farther or aim his bow better or cast bigger spells?
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