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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by fishgills7
I also beat Alien Hominid recently. It's a Metal Slug rip-off pure and simple, but intuitive additions to the control scheme (like rolling and burrowing) add a good amount of depth. It also adds quite a bit to the difficulty, which isn't helped by graphics. The hand-drawn style looks great, but the enemies have too few cells devoted to attack animations. Anticipating attacks is just impossible, resulting in a cheap death every few minutes. The game also changes the formula with a few flight missions. Think Asteroids but terrible. Still, when the game works, it works really well.
I agree, it's very tough. Although there are many comparisons to Metal Slug, I think Alien Hominid isn't designed as well. It's much harder (for me at least) to find "safe standing areas" at any given moment.

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