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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I recently beat Gensousuikoden 4 and Dororo. I thought Gensou 4 was fairly disappointing - maybe it was just me, but I thought the characters came too quickly and easily. The sea battles also left much to be desired. For me, Gensou 4 is easily the most forgettable of the series.

Dororo (based upon the Tezuka Osamu comic) was a bit clunky in places, but a blast to play anyways. The story, which is about a guy who must fight 48 demon-gods to regain his stolen body parts (!), works out very naturally as an action game with RPG elements. It was always a pleasure to get back a new body part and see the main character gain back some important, game-play changing functionality. Great game for importers and fans of Tezuka Osamu (creator of Atom Boy).
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