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Re: New Feature Posted: E3 2004 Report: Part 4 - Booth Babe Dialogues

Originally Posted by Dean_Siren

I imagine that life will get worse for booth babes as video games and anime become more popular and attract more confident, macho guys.
I strongly disagree. The confident guys are used to being around beautiful women in social settings and don't find anything really worth stopping and gawking at. Sure, a revealing outfit on a sculpted body will give anybody reason to pause, but guys who are used to being around women like these outside of conventions aren't likely to act so shocked when they see them. I can only imagine that for a lot of the "shaker" guys at E3 , this is the only time when they are in an environment where they feel comfortabe approaching beautiful women without the risk of being shunned.

Sure, it's mean to say, but some guys need women who are paid to be polite in order for them to feel courageous enough to approach them. You know... that whole "basement dwelling, paranoid of girls, never see the sun" stereotype does exist for some guys out there and for them, booth babes may just be the first girls they touch. There's not a stereotype out there that doesn't have some small basis in reality.
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