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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Finally beat MGS2 the two days ago. I'd bought it for the Xbox around Xmas time, but just never got into it. Decided to sit down and really try it out, and ended up completing it in two days (uhh, just the story mode NOT all the VR stuff... ;-)).

Quick thoughts: Excellent game, controls were a little funky at first, but definitely manageable. Story was pretty interesting but kinda long winded in parts, especially at the end. I dunno, admittedly it was my first MGS game, so maybe that's how Hideo Kojima games are structured, but the (what felt like) ten minutes of cinemas followed by two minutes of gameplay followed by another ten minutes of sitting around kinda annoyed me. With that said the game was still definitely worth experiencing, and I'll definitely be playing around with this one some more.
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