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I beat Red Faction II for the PS2 yesterday. The good? Showing me the Dualshock can actually be of use in a FPS. The bad and the ugly? This was seriously one of the most boring and downright mind-numbing FPS I've ever played. I could feel my braincells die a horrible, screeching, painful death while trotting though the levels.

I liked Skies of Arcadia, but I must confess I just saw it as just better than average. It has some great ideas, and hits the spot on practically everything a RPG should do well, but it didn't really click with me. Perhaps the less than intuitive weapon colour changing turned me off too early. And the random battles left little to hope for. In spite of all this, I'll try to get back to it once I finish the mountain of RPGs for the PS/PS2 (read: probably never).
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