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Originally posted by gene_peace
I'd recommend Everything or Nothing. Visually and conceptually it's not as exciting, but I'd argue the gameplay has visceral thrills equal to that of Ninja Gaiden, and plus they're more frequent.

Azure hyped about the level, but the bridge chase level is easily among the best conceived levels in a game. Short, challenging and has a few jaw dropping moments, at least the first time around.

Also the camera doesn't suck as much, although it still has its problems.

For you hypatia, I'd recommend renting Ninja Gaiden and see if it jives with you. The first two levels are actually two of the hardest levels in the game, which seems pretty wrong IMO.
Sounds like a plan, Sam.

While I've never played either of those licenses, I have to admit this 007 just struck me better. Shopping next week!
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