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Originally posted by jwe8k

God, I love Metroid.
Me too. While I haven't beaten the original in several years (all told, I've run through it countless times), I still run through Super Metroid every now and then and totally dig Prime. Zero Mission, too, is superb. Never played Metroid 2 (didn't have a GB then). Fusion, on the other hand, is a blemish. To me I liken it to the blemish that is Majora's Mask for the Zelda franchise.

Does anybody else just keep beating old games they love rather than play all the new, unbeaten ones they have sitting dusty on their shelves?
This is totally a description of me. I go out and buy new games on a fairly regular basis, but I have yet to beat most of them. It's because I start to get an itch to pick up games that I have already plowed through many times. For instance: I'm running through Phantasy Star 1 (albeit on the GBA) and Chrono Trigger right now, on top of my newer games. I liken them to good books: I'll keep 'em because I'll always re-read them.
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