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Originally posted by Kin Korn Karn

This is the beauty of the Metroid games: sequence breaking. You'd be amazed what some people have found out about getting through Prime while skipping entire sequences. SPOILERS Have you seen the one about getting the space jump boots right when you start the game? Literally, you jump off your ship to get them.

Anyhow, I'm slowly doing the hard runthrough and I'm still having a hard time with Omega Pirate. That battle makes my hands hurt. Really, from there everything is downhill.
Yeah, a coworker of mine told me about the Space Jump secret. I haven't tried it yet.

I had a little trouble with the Omega Pirate until I realized two things: stay the hell away from him and don't waste missles on his armor. Also, if you're lucky you'll be confronted mainly by Ice Troopers. Just keep dashing around him and he can't do that evil bitch slap. Morph dash away if you let him box you in. Jumping his purple rings or dashing away from his bombs are easy. I used charged power shots on his armor so I could have plenty of super missles for his phazon-form and any Power Troopers he spawned.

God, I love Metroid. I think it's surpassed my love of Zelda. I've gotten through all the Metroid games at least twice now (even Zero Mission) with the exception of Prime, which I'm about to finish at 100%. The original Metroid I probably beat 5 or 6 times, II I beat around 4 times, Super Metroid, God, probably 15 times and IV, Zero Mission and Prime each twice. For comparison, I probably beat Zelda 1 and 3 5 times each, 2, 4, and 5 twice each and the rest I never bothered to pick up a second time.

Does anybody else just keep beating old games they love rather than play all the new, unbeaten ones they have sitting dusty on their shelves?
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