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FINAL IMPRESSIONS: Not a significant improvement over Jedi Outcast in any way, shape, or form. Still a solid title that grows tedious in the endgame, when forward progress is constantly interrupted by endless lightsaber duels. Yes, it's true, the lightsaber combat is boring.

ENDING IMPRESSIONS: Star Wars games rarely have interesting endings, and Academy is no exception. Some congratulations, a pat on the back, and roll the credits.

REPLAY VALUE: The lure of playing again with a different lightsaber, or of turning to the dark side to see the alternate ending, isn't enough to get me to fire this back up. I will spend some time in deathmatch, but it'll have to be really sexy to keep me there.

OVERALL RATING: 3 out of 5


FINAL IMPRESSIONS: Loved every second of it. Loved the revamped levels, loved the new bosses, loved the new powerups, loved the remixed music. A little disappointed at the simplicity of it all, but I had such a good time that it really doesn't matter. The game made me happy.

ENDING IMPRESSIONS: If you count everything after Mother Brain as part of the ending, and I do, then good lord, wasn't it brilliant? Just freaking brilliant! Nintendo knows how to take care its fans.

REPLAY VALUE: I missed the Screw Attack first time around, so I'm going back through my original save to get that and the rest of the powerups (man, that multi-directional speed boost is a pain). I plan on playing hard mode after that.

OVERALL RATING: 5 out of 5
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