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Re: What are you playing right now?

More mechs?

I am playing (and have been totally surprised by) Trine 2 Complete (PS4 PS+ freebie).

It's great. It's a puzzle platformer where you control one avatar at a time but can switch between a thief, wizard and knight to use their different skills (grappling hook, stacking crates, fighting, essentially). Each character then has a skill tree which opens up new abilities.

The environments are graphically lovely, and the puzzles are just in the sweet spot that lets you figure them out easily enough). Multiple solutions open up as you gain abilities for the characters. I imagine this is very well done - I have solved some and gone, I would have no idea how to do that if I hadn't selected this new ability for the wizard, for example. Implying that other abilities would have given you other solutions.

I am hugely impressed. Just a bit worried that the game may be endless - there seems an awful lot of trophies related to finishing levels.
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