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Re: What are you playing right now?

I put my old Core2Quad (Q9650) rig back together for the living room a couple of months ago. I decided to play some (somewhat) older titles on that rig, but I've had to do a little over-clocking to push the CPU to 3.4 Ghz, so it could run some of the more demanding titles, while also trying to keep up with my old GTX 670.

Grand Theft Auto IV: I'm liking this game more than GTA V. Everything just feels more open and it doesn't feel like I'm as obligated to jump to the next mission as I am in GTA V. This game wasn't exactly PC optimized, and it asks a lot from my older C2Q CPU. I tried to put this game on my i5 rig, but it seems to think that my GPU is the integrated HD3000 (512k of VRAM) inside of the CPU, and I couldn't get it to recognize my GTX 780.

Fuel: This game is part Dirt and Burnout Paradise thrown together to make a somewhat enjoyable racing experience. The mix of vehicles to race is okay, but overall it just feels like a very average racer.
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