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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
But again, I really enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls, despite everything. I feel like I'm on the wrong side of this discussion. I would side with the game's defenders!
No, I get you, it's cool You make some very good points up above and I'm not arguing against them per se (especially as I forget bits of the game). I am probably a bit too pro-B2S myself.

However, while I'm glad the article points out the hidden depths of the game, I reject the premise that the game's "invisible choice system" failed because it was ahead of its time. It failed because it was implemented so inconsistently. The game is so inconsistent about where it let the player go and what it let the player do that it's not surprising that many people gave up and just started following all prompts as given.
Definitely a bit of work to do on the control scheme etc, and you were railroaded at times for narrative effect. I appreciate that however - I'm the kind of player who pokes around at everything and I liked that the game gave me some scope for that as well.

There's a scene early on where Jodie wants to sneak out of her room to go to a party, but the only way to do that is to mind control her friend Cole. I searched Jodie's room over and over again looking for any alternative, including abandoning the escape plan altogether, because that action is morally reprehensible. (It's one of the unforgivable curses! Come on!). Finally I sighed and played along because clearly it was the only way to advance the story. Later on when it actually is possible to make some interesting choices, there's no indication given that the player should expect anything more than the single path they'd been trained to follow up to that point.
I could give a spoiler warning here but let's face it, no one who reads this will play the game

I was the same - I enjoyed being able to trash the guitar and stuff like that (or at least fling it around the room) and I was following the narrative and was upset that this was the way they did it - by possessing Cole, I felt really bad. But it made absolute sense as a resentful teenager who is essentially in prison, and wait'll you hear this - I was struck by remorse (after unbelievably clearing the first guard) and I was actually able to abandon the whole thing when we got to the base gate! I can't remember how exactly, but I think I took the keys out of the ignition. I can't remember if there was a scripted piece to deal with that but I was able to not leave the base. So I never made it to the bar and therefore the dinner date went well etc (another great role playing piece where I was able to resist wrecking Jodie's happiness, though it was tough). I didn't know about the bar at all till I read that piece.

There were definite highlights and lowlights. The highlights were the bits where you got to make personal decisions (teen party, goth-period party, dinner date, accept/reject Dude, family stuff like when the dad left etc). They couldn't have been implemented any better.

I also enjoyed the Bond-type stuff - Africa was silly but easy to get through, loved the Kazakhstani(or whatever) base and that whole part of the game. I felt everyone else took those parts much too seriously. I even enjoyed the Navajo stuff for what it was. The other secret agent stuff was a bit Meh.

What a game, I shouldn't have traded it
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