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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Zanbatou View Post
The game is a mess, and it did so many things wrong... yet overall I'm left with a very positive opinion of it.
I'm not sure it's a mess exactly, I agree it is quite silly in places but apart from that I thought it was a fairly cohesive whole (within the story, which yes is a bit silly), as a game and a story. I was hugely invested in Jodie, and I didn't find anything too jarring as the game progressed.

The game is full of these little role playing opportunities that, despite being incredibly limited, are expressive in a way that I don't see offered anywhere else. It sucks that you can't answer 'no' to a question the game expects a 'yes' to, but being able to choose how you say yes ends up being just as interesting a decision.
Yes! Agreed. I have said a couple of places that it was the most meaningful role-playing experience I have had. All these small, totally normal, meaningful only on a personal level, things. There is a huge amount of heart in this game.

I'm glad I don't have to write a review of the game, because my closing statement would be something like "The game itself is a train wreck, full of terrible design choices and an incredibly inconsistent story... but it let me choose whether to shrug or not, and somehow that made up for everything".
There was pretty much consensus among reviewers, which I was surprised at. I personally thought that people were just waiting to give Cage a kicking but on balance the criticism was pretty uniform (Mike Bracken has no axe to grind and he slammed it so whaddya gonna do?).

I'm happy to let the inconsistencies and the occasional dodgy section slide though. For me the biggest mistake was casting Willem Dafoe (he already occupies Uncanny Valley in real life, please don't put him in a game). For the rest of it, it was a pleasant James Bond-type production, with an utterly surprising heart and soul.

You have probably seen this article -
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