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Re: Dark Souls 2

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Q: in DSII, how did you deal with the Iron King and the big frog with no magic/ranged stuff going on? I'd imagine they would be quite difficult as melee-only.
In my rage yesterday I forgot to answer

The Iron King melee is actually pretty easy once you have the timing for the dodges down (he says, after dying 7 times in a row at the IK on NG+ just yesterday before finally beating him). I just two-hand the magic mace, ran in with essentially no armor or shield (if he hit's me in NG+ it's over anyway) and played the old "dodge the combo and then attack until he starts moving again"-game. Only problem is not moving to early, so that a dodge roll gets you into trouble rather than out of it.

The Demon of Song I managed in my first try back then, I found she/it telegraphed her/its attacks pretty clearly when I was in front. My black knight halberd cut her/it into neat little pieces. I'm not even sure if the DoS even hit me once...

...but let's wait for the NG+ iteration, I already had a couple of "wtf?" moments with bosses in NG+ I found super easy in the first run.

Also, I'm still carrying the Dragonrider Bow with me, it's not like I'm completely incapable of doing damage at a distance
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