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Re: Dark Souls 2

I love Demon's Souls, but there are a couple of things I would like to see if there would be a remastered, or let's say Demon's Souls 2:
* bring in poise, in Demon's Souls heavy armor has little to no value
* make jumping a mechanic and consistent, I managed to jump over a ledge in a specific ledge-jumping-zone but other ledges that look very similar can't be jumped over because they are not in a designated ledge-jumping-zone
* throw grass out of the window, Estus was probably one of the best changes from DeS to DaS
* make item burden a bit more generous, it's heart-breaking to have to leave something behind because you forgot to empty your backpack. Especially annoying when playing as a class that starts with really heavy armor, like templar or knight
* many more

Anyway, in Dark Souls 2 news I learned the hard way that co-op partners who don't know what they are doing are more deadly than many enemies. For example I learned that co-op Shades can trigger the traps in the Iron Keep. A helpful spirit sent me into a fiery death because he ran over the switch while I was on the corresponding platform. And then he has the tenacity to call me stupid. Also, the ballistae at the Pursuer can hurt other players. And by hurt I mean probably one-hit-kill by the time you're there the first time. I just played a new character that I planned to go on as Faith build, and calling on two helpful strangers we already killed the Pursuer when one bolt of the ballista hit me instead of the dying Pursuer, killing me instantly. Great. Another attempt as shade, the host takes the opportunity of me fighting with the Pursuer to load the Ballista and... kill me -_- I thought I give it one more shot, use human effigy, get one player for help... and he goes on and kills me with the first Ballista shot. I think this character is cursed, I will not continue with this Faith-based nonsense.
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