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Re: Anyone playing Titanfall on the PC?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
hype has nothing to do with the fact if the game does or does not deserve it, it's just hype.
But that's imho exactly the difference of the Titanfall hype to those mentioned more "natural" hypes, where the game either already had a successful predecessor or the hype was growing because more and more fans got excited- after release.

Here it felt like solely based on "Ex-Cod devs" and we desperately need a systemseller, so let's hype this Cod meets Mechs meets Brink game like it's the best, most innovative shooter ever created.

It was more were the hype originated from than if it was deserved or not.

Halo might be the only real similar one. No idea how much it was pushed at its release. But i guess since it was a Mac betrayal it had some attention from the start.

I don't know, in the end it's probably just my subjective perception where the whole "Have you seen..." affair just was super annoying to me like no hype machine before.
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