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Re: Dark Souls 2

The Rayleigh Bath Chair Murder

Ahhhh, yeah. When I talked about there being no cheapness in Dark Souls earlier I completely forgot about the Anor Londo archers!

I eventually ran up (two laps of that room with the three guys in it to draw the one fella away from the door) and summoned my first real person for DragonRider & Co. Got a sunlight medal, sweet.

Then summoned the first NPC I have seen who is anyway useful - Benno of Somewhere - after trying the Shield guy a lot of times on my own. Benno was hard as nails, made that fight very easy. Only one little lad popped out of the shield (I finished him off when minion#2 was being summoned).

There were several 'Dark' summon signs outside the door - I guess they were Mr Bathchair's covenant but none the wiser as to whether they would help me or attack me if I summoned them.
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