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Re: Dark Souls 2

No - I was looking at it from a stamina perspective only - swing two swords twice each, or one sword 4 times; I didn't really see the point.

Yeah, the Mount and Blade forums had a very active thread where newbies would go, "Wouldn't it be cool to have dual-wielding?!?!?" and all the superior history buffs would tell them at great length why it was impractical and never used in history etc. That thread is still going, no doubt.

Some of the boss battles (Sinner, Smelter) are probably un-doable (for me) without a big shield so will be interesting to see how you work those with a new build. Not sure that there are enough offensive miracles (they all seem to be health replenishment ones) to make a Faith build fun, so maybe Sorcery? I guess there is a 100% Royal Kite Shield (I think) but isn't accessible till late game.

Sorcery looks painful though. Rolling around like a fool?

I got through The Gutter last night and then had to deal with the start of Black Gulch. Not really what I was looking for on my first day back - spitting statues and those anemone things. If I run through I get poisoned and am followed by 5 of those dudes, if I make my way carefully through, I use loads of items/estus. Annoying.
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