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Re: Dark Souls 2

I've had visitors for the last 4 days so haven't been able to get on the Playstation since Thursday. Need to get back to the Souls tonight.

Good wrapup re: levels etc. I am a very similar build, low hitpoints etc. Haven't felt the need to upgrade Vit or Endurance since the start. I have only 4 in Adaptability, but I'm not avoiding much anyway. I put 15 into Miracles and 10 into Sorcery, and used the rings to boost those another 5 each. I'm pretty much rolling full time with Lightning Spear, which is like an Easy Button. Was also good to use on the Iron King.

I struggled a bit with Smelter too, with his area of effect damage. I have only upgraded the Magic Mace (what a weapon) to +10 so far.

Down the hole at the moment, need to get back tonight. Intriguing about the ending/beginning of NG+.
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