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Re: What are you playing right now?

Spent a bit more time with Demons this weekend.

With all the White World Tendency events done, yesterday I moved World 2 to Pure Black and killed the primeval demon in 2-1, as well as Black Phantom Scirvir in 2-2 to begin inching towards White Character tendency (I am +1, only 4 more BPs to go).

Today I thought I'd rinse 4-1 but I'm dying again and again to those goddamn skeletons. The ones in the tunnels are the absolute worst. I've lost about 65000 souls already (about two character level ups at this stage). Their roll attack staggers me outright.

However I did trade Sparkly the Crow a Gold Mask and a Talisman of God, for two more colourless demons' souls so I am sorted now to get all the miracles in this play through (Recovery requires 3 souls plus killing a primeval demon in the current playthrough).

Souls Chat!
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