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Re: What are you playing right now?

The impression I get of those games is that they are all about the grind - that they hit the sweet spot for a certain type of gamer who is happy to inch along to the end game upgrading everything +1 at a time.

Much like the meta game of playing...

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Demon's Souls
for the Platinum trophy....again. Only the best game ever made, gamevet!

I haven't been playing much though, dipping my toes. I went back to DayZ to find that my last save didn't actually save any of my previous 3 hours play session. Just when I'd got myself really kitted out too, with a gun and everything. I didn't even get to shoot anyone. So I went back to the village where I found the gun to find it had already been cleaned out by some other player. I am currently crouched in a bare upstairs room in the same village.

Madden Madden Madden. Season 3 has started, I am 1-1 and trying to get better on Defense.

Also I started Metro Last Light which is free on PS+ (how much free advertising does that service get??). Very early days and it is more story than shooter at the moment. I really like that, I wish all shooters were mostly story. I haven't played it in a week though so there's a danger I lose impetus and don't go back to it.
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