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Re: What are you playing right now?

Thanks to PS+ i yet again have access to a game i never ever would have tried otherwise:
Dynasty Warriors Next (Vita)
The background seems super interesting but it's almost like fanservice. It seems that you have to know the details beforehand to understand what the story tries to tell the player. Sad. Because it sounds like awesome stuff for more than one game, and for different genres. Instead they crammed a whole time period in without caring that all details get lost and only some core points remain.
Gameplay is rather simple. Almost Diablo like. Basically button mashing. Sort of reminds me of Brutal Legend with Total War scale.
Actually that sounds awesome but it isn't.
I don't like it, but i will probably finish the Campaign. Just to get to know it a little better and don't write it off to early.

Hyrule Warriors seems like a super weird idea. Hyrule seems to lack a story to give a proper similar foundation.
But i have no idea how popular this game is in Asia and for what it is liked. Gameplay is no strong point imo, but the sketchy storytelling can't be either? So maybe it will save the wii u. Or rather not.
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