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Re: What are you playing right now?

Just finished Hammerwatch (above) and in between dungeon crawling, I gave Dayz a go.

I had my reservations for all the usual reasons, but I'm glad I gave it a shot. My first character was brutally gunned down by an unseen assailant, and my second character is keeping his head down and slowly getting stuff together. This is Jim:

He is carrying a large axe, but hasn't found a gun for that holster yet. He is perpetually thirsty.

It is buggy - my first character was dying from thirst when he was shot. She'd found a canteen (to carry water) but when filling it at a well it fell through the world, which was annoying. Jim found a rifle (the only gun I have seen) but connection issues where the server wasn't responding meant he couldn't pick it up.

I'm mostly playing on underpopulated servers and staying away from towns till I get a feel for it. I don't have a mike so any encounter with other players will probably result in Jim's death. He has killed several zombies and has had to bandage himself up once. I can see the main issue being, if you're not into the deathmatch stuff, then there isn't a lot else to do once you get yourself the equipment that enables you to survive.
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