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Re: Best Games of 2013

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Btw, I am surprised at GT6 - how much of it is still like piloting a Lego brick around the track?
I am having a love affair with GT6. I see that it still has it's issues here and there, but I can forgive all those little things for the sheer love of cars on display. I always loved cars and since my evil logical brain rightfully concluded that I don't need a car in my current situation (home -> office is quicker by bike than by car in early morning rush hour, parking and tax on cars is unreasonable expensive in the uk, especially tax for foreign people like me who don't have credit history here etc.) games like GT6, iRacing and such are the only way to get my petrol infused blood pumping.

Was playing with two of my cousins over the holidays. One cited the last racing game he played as Need for Speed 2 (yes, the one from 1997), the other is a true petrolhead who repairs second hand cars as a hobby, next to studying mechanical engineering with the aim to one day engineer better engines for better cars (including electrical ones). The latter was equally enamored by GT6, the former had his issues the first couple of races mostly because he was used to the NFS way of driving in racing games, i.e. never use the brakes, except the handbrake for turns. But after a classic race with a Lambo Countach he was won over as well. We were all equally fascinated by the fact that the instruments, including the mileage counter, are fully working.

In other news, I still haven't played Papers, Please, even though I find the game very fascinating, but also quite uncomfortable. I couldn't really put my finger on it until I read this excellent piece on usgamer (that is united states gamer, not us gamer, or perhaps it's both?).

I am moving around countries like some other people change underwear and even though I have quite some advantages when it comes to travelling (male, white, albeit looking 'too eastern european' to some) and moving (EU citizen), I routinely run into issues while travelling and get the occasional blunt remark. The US border is the worst as far as I can tell, and I'm not even muslim. Some of my friends who happen to be born with the "wrong" nationality (e.g. Iranian, Russian, Indian...) have regular horror stories to tell from their border crossings (or attempted border crossings).

Some of my friends can't even visit me in the UK because it's virtually impossible for them to get a simple tourist visa. They also have jobs that require them to travel a bit and the UK likes to keep passports for certain nationalities for a couple of weeks. Hence I spend more time at airports in order to visit them. That's when you find out that it's a bad idea to take chocolate or cheese with you or in your luggage (looks on x-ray like plastic explosives), that having a playstation in your hand luggage can increase your time at security by 20 minutes (one officer asked me with a straight face to open my 'laptop', after I already told him it's a games console, not a laptop, luckily one of his colleagues had a firm grasp of technology and intervened before anyone could grab a crowbar...) or that boardgames including non-standard dice are subject to extreme scrutiny (my box of d-day-dice went through the scanner 3 additional times, first as box, then with contents removed, then the dice alone again).

Spending too much time on the other side of Papers, Please, I can't bring myself to stamp any more 'denied' in passports just because the visa is one day wrong.
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