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Re: So... the XBox One then...

What really surprised me is that Microsoft botched the online services at launch. The Xbox live service on 360 got the reputation of being worth the money and is widely considered superior over PSN. But instead of keeping the winning team, they replaced it with some weird twitter-esque follower system which confuses the hell out of people. I've been hearing that it's gotten pretty much impossible to get into a game together with some mates. Why? What? How? How could they mess that up?

Also, the dashboard is designed with kinect in mind. Which would perhaps be fine if kinect works 100% at the time, but it doesn't. If there are other people in the room, if there are pets in the room they can mess up browsing the menu. Also, it's always listening for game specific commands, even when talking via skype. And just imagine you're having friends over and want to play some movie on Xbox "Ok, everybody be quiet now... XBOX, play game of thrones" ??? "XBox, PLAY... GAME... OF... THRONES..." xbox starts game 'Off Road Challenge'. Everybody in the room will hate you forever.
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