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Re: What are you playing right now?

I just hit the 300 hour mark on Skyrim, and I'm still going strong.

I've been playing with the "Vilja in Skyrim" mod lately. Vilja is one of the most consistently surprising AI characters I've ever seen in a game. Now, Vilja does have over 5000 lines of dialog and she never stops talking, so it's possible some of what I'm interpreting as situational awareness is actually just random chance... but still. It's incredibly impressive. She feels way more alive than any of the other characters in Skyrim.

Some of my favorite moments so far:

A deer ran by, and she said "Aww.. I love the deer in Skyrim. They're so beautiful... and they taste delicious".

We were trying to sneak past some bandits, and I talked to Vilja to tell her to "wait here" for a minute while I scouted ahead. She replied the same way she normally would to this conversation, except this time everything she said was whispered.

While walking between towns with Vilja and Lydia (a companion from the base Skyrim game), the two of them had a back and forth conversation about adventuring on their own that lasted for minutes. Lydia's dialog was all pieced together from sound files that exist elsewhere in the game.

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