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Re: What are you playing right now?

State of Decay is great, really need to get back to playing it. Gave up after buying it at launch, but it's apparently been patched up nicely since.

GTA Online. Sticking at this badboy. I'm at level 31, and feel qualified to give a proper opinion on it...

Lots of little annoyances which could be fixed. Things like auto-aim and whether players are visible on the mini-map should be optional, and is a real step-back since RDR and MP3. Deathmatch is as simple as being patient, staying hidden and pressing the "aim" button to automatically lock-on to any opponents you can see. It would be the difference between deathmatch being worth playing, and it being the chore it currently is. Also, inviting players is a pain. You can only invite people to your game if you are the host. If you have simply joined, there is no way to invite friends and crew members, which is ridiculous. Even if you are the host, getting players to join is temperamental, at best.

Racing is brilliant fun, even if half the players do try and just ram you off the road- if you're smart, you can play this to your advantage, and four times out of five I manage to turn things around on these idiots. The car controls are great anyway, so as a racing game, GTAV is satisfactory. Some of the situations you can get into with other players during free roam are brilliant, too. Having two guys try to troll me, and me having no trouble taking them both out over and over is one highlight so far.

So much to talk about, but overall, I'm very happy with Online.
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