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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Lost Planet 3

An excellent game, amazing even. Good story (mostly), great production values, cool world, and as others have said, a nice slow meditation on a working man away from home doing what he has to do. The Mech that you get to stomp around in is excellent, and there is weight to everything you do, stomping and shooting. The parallels with Alien (Aliens really) are very apparent, and as someone else said, you could do a lot worse than give the Aliens franchise to these guys. Superb in almost every way.

Apart of course for the boss fights. These will probably appeal to quite a few people, and you can see the logic behind them. And once you beat the boss, you say, that wasn't too bad really.

However, they're overly long, rely almost completely on QTEs (which even on Easy were hard for me to hit in time), and turned me into such a seething ball of frustration that I literally wanted to snap the disc in two on half a dozen separate occasions. I mean, I actually had to prevent myself ejecting the disc, smashing it, and firing it out the window. 6 times.

If you have leet skillz, this should be no issue for you really. Even if you don't have those skills, like me, it's worth checking out because it does so much right.
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