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Re: What are you playing right now?

Funny thing is, I'm still interested. I'd love to finish the game. But when I wrote that, I had barely stopped myself ejecting the disc and snapping it in two. No exaggeration.

The key phrase in Brad's review is that the boss battles go on just a shade too long. It's more than a shade IMO. They've actually got a pretty good game here, and ruined it by putting in a lot of reflex based dodging/QTEing, precision shooting of elbows and knee joints, and boss battles that go on twice as long as I'd like.

That's personal preference of course.

I'm currently working my way through an area where the same boss launches four attacks on you at different points. I'm now in a small rectangular open area and this guy is sat on the side of it whaling on me. He can crush me with his left claw, his right claw, punch me by shooting out his tongue, and actually leaning in and biting me if I get too close. The attacks are flagged, but my movement is too sluggish to avoid them. Added to that, every so often he shoots four baby aliens into the arena along with me, the fast skittering type, and the viewpoint changes to a top down view so I can shoot these little bastards. All the time I have to shoot him on a certain point on his head (admittedly an unusually large area). He might be called the Bullet Sponge Monster, I'm not sure.

It's enormously frustrating and basically life's too short. A shame, because the game does so much right.
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