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Re: What are you playing right now?


I'm back from my holidays, and picked up GTAV this morning. And man, I don't want to be negative, but it's pretty dull so far.

1) It's 65 Euros! I almost didn't get it when I saw this in Gamestop. A terrible new precedent.
2) It is pretty much identical to GTA4 so far - drive to mission, crash half a dozen times, shoot the place up a bit, back to base.

Not enjoying it too much so far. The dialogue is good, not a lot else. I expect it will get a bit better once I unlock more weapons etc. But there's been a lot of 'chase this guy on his motorbike', 'chase this guy on foot' type stuff so far.

I might download that Brothers game and play it for a while instead.

We need to start up the 'best of this generation' thread soon too!
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