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Re: What are you playing right now?

Papers, Please Fascinating stuff, very addictive. Being a self-confessed pedant, I find checking the passport and documents of immigrants, cross-referencing everything, and making sure there are no discrepencies pretty entertaining. If you let someone through who oughtn't do, you get penalised money, and lack of money means you can't look after your family between shifts- so far, my son, uncle, and mother-in-law have all died, leaving just my wife.

Occasionally, you'll get bribed to let people through, or be asked to make pretty grim moral choices- SPOILER
In one early stage, you let a young woman into the country, and after you give her the go ahead and give back her documents, she gives you a message before leaving, asking you to not let a certain man enter the country, as she fears he will take away her passport and force her into being a prostitute. Sure enough, the guy appears a while later. His papers check out, so you have to choose between doing your job and protecting a stranger. Needless to say, old JLB1987 does his job properly, though it was genuinely sad to read the newspaper article after the stage had finished.

On a more general note, the dark tone tends to continue throughout- a backstory heavily featuring terrorism, war, and opression (at one point, you are asked to target people from a specific country, scanning them- and only them- through an xray), and is genuinely very depressing. Even the basic graphics add to the atmosphere. Love it, possibly my game of the year, though I'm dubious how much replayability is here, rather than playing through again helping people/ taking bribes.
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