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Re: What are you playing right now?

Shadowrun Returns
The first major kickstarter release in a sense, as it's the first game with more than 1 million $ budget that's released and was built from scratch. Unlike e.g. Giana Sisters, which was pretty much done by the time the kickstarter went live and treated the crowdfunding-platform as an elaborate pre-order machine.

Is it any good?

I only put in 2 hours so far, but so far it's pretty neat. It's very story-driven with some combat in between. I already encountered a couple of fights that I could simply circumvent by being nice to people. The game feels more like a point & click adventure at times, with a lot of dialogue and colourful characters. The writing is good so far and strikes the tone of Shadowrun quite nicely. They didn't fall into the bioware-pitfall either, that dialogues would just go on forever. My fairly charismatic decker got shot 3 times already, resulting in a restart of the respective area. This is the only real drawback so far: autosaves. It can be a bit annoying when you almost finished a level and get punched to death by the very last enemy, just to do everything again. Well, more once I get further.
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