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Re: Rate This Review: Metro: Last Light

I really enjoyed this review--even the parts you didn't enjoy are engaging to read. Your wit keeps things fresh without getting in the way of the game at hand.

However, I wanted to suggest shortening the commentary on above ground portions. You spend several paragraphs detailing one of those excursions, and while the commentary is interesting and well-conveyed, it feels imbalanced. (I hate to say it, since it's definitely the best part.)

By comparison, you spend one paragraph talking about underground shootouts ("Elsewhere, the flashlight mechanic, [. . .] Moscow's winding vistas.").

I haven't played Last Light myself, so this is more something I'd have to ask you: is the majority of gameplay above ground? If so, this structure seems fine. But if the game time is evenly split between the two settings, it seems unfair to give so much more review space to the cool part. Not to say they have to be equal in length in your review, but the size difference is notable here.

Anyway, just my two cents. Great read!
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