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Re: Rate this review: Mighty Switch Force 2

Howdy Golem

Seems decent, however the big issue for me here is that I didn't find the game mechanics and objectives to be laid out clearly at the start, so as someone who knows nothing at all about this game, it was a little hard to follow.

Maybe it would be better to not write these couple of paragraphs in the first person, but just outline them in third person? Just a suggestion.

Walking through the first level, I found a normal platforming rhythm: walk, jump a gap, walk, jump a gap. Then came an extended gap with only translucent blocks in the middle.
At the press of a button, Patricia Wagon—your firefighting protagonist—will switch phases. Blocks that are translucent and pass-through on one phase will be solid ground on the other. Blocks only have two states, so you've only got two phases to switch between. You'll need to master this technique to collect—I mean save—five victims per level and open up the level goal. Danger is most often present in the form of spike pits, enemies, or squishing Patricia against the screen by phasing a block on top of her.
So, running along that first stage, I'd walk up to a gap with pass-through blocks, press the switch button to turn the blocks solid, then jump to those blocks. The rhythm changed: walk, switch, jump a gap. The switch button threw a new piece into platforming rhythm, and it created a satisfying beat as my thumb rolled between the jump and switch buttons.
Because I was only turning blocks on or off, switching was simple. At any given moment, I could easily see which blocks would turn on and which would turn off. As a result, I rarely stopped in my tracks to consider puzzles. Instead, I cleared most platforming scenarios by sussing out the right sense of rhythm: when to jump versus when to switch.
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