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Re: What are you playing right now?

Continued Bioshock Infinite in my quest to reduce my backlog and... well... would be a much nicer game without all the shooting in between. The shooting isn't especially engaging or tactical or deep. Most opposition can be cleared with overwhelming firepower and if things go wrong I respawn with little penalty (some cash lost, woo hoo...). I know there is a 1999 mode that would ramp up the difficulty but that wouldn't improve the lackluster shooty bits. Weapons simply lack impact. A mp or machine gun is chipping away health so slowly that I wonder if I get further by trying to tickle the enemies to death and even the hard hitting weapons miss a certain oomph.

I really liked the first part which was essentially sightseeing in Columbia. Since Bioshock degraded into a corridor shooter I'm catching myself checking the clock every 15 minutes or so and it doesn't seem go any quicker.
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