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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
For me it's the second, after Bioshock Infinite, which I still didn't finish. Also, Torchlight is free at at the moment. And almost everything is 50% off. I bought Far Cry 2. No idea when I'll have time to play that, but it was half price so that's ok
If they took another 50% off the price of Far Cry 2... that still wouldn't be enough to make me want to play it again that said, I really, really want to try Far Cry 3, and am even considering purchasing Blood Dragon over the next couple of days.

Originally Posted by QXY
Two questions for you: (1) Which version of the game were you playing, and (2) was this from online play or not? My experience with Black Ops' multiplayer is exclusively from online play on the PS3, and I've found it virtually impossible to knife enemy dogs with any consistency. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this stems from the "six shots fired, two shots register" issue that's annoyed me to no end.
Xbox 360, and yep, online play. I've got a pretty good internet connection, and I would imagine the money I pay Microsoft for a gold account would allow them to offer a better online experience than Sony. Perhaps that's it, perhaps not. Whilst I'd totally agree that the game is unbalanced after reading your thoughts on it and playing the game a bit more, on a technical level I've almost no complaints. That said, most of my time is spent on zombies now.
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