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Re: What are you playing right now?

I am thinking of buying The Last of Us this week, so I finally decided to give Fifa 13 (which has been pretty much unplayed for several months) a go, to see if it would stick, or I could trade it.

Ach, it's too difficult - I can't justify the time I would need to learn it, and I've actually started to dislike soccer as a sport, so I think I'll trade it. I can see it being really good if you're a fan, but I think it would take me 30+ hours to get where I want to be with it. I hate giving up on it as it is a challenge, but ultimately I think it's not worth it.

I've also been playing Drox Operative, which is a lot of fun. It's an ARPG set in space, where you control a spacecraft that you can upgrade - thrusters, weapons, shields, crew etc, all while trying to manage power requirements.

You're a kind of warrior spy who is inserted into various sectors in order to keep harmony (or wipe out) all the alien races in that sector. You can win military, economic, diplomatic victories and it's up to you how you do that - ally with some races to wipe out others, try and make everybody get along, or just wipe out everyone yourself.

It is interesting, and there is a demo here
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