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Re: What are you playing right now?

Originally Posted by QXZ View Post
After a couple week's hiatus, and I've gone back to [/i]Call of Duty: Black Oops 2[/i]... er... Black Ops 2, and it appears that I'm not going to be spending much more time with it. A couple weeks ago, I had mentioned some of the multiplayer mode's problems, and had stated that "the jury's still out on whether or not [the attack dogs are ] completely broken". Well, the jury's reached a verdict, and the overwhelming majority says "broken!"

Just to give you an idea as to why this conclusion was rached, in the first Black Ops game, if an enemy team in multiplayer called in enemy doges, it was possible to find a hiding place, defend it with a claymore, and have the mutts trigger an explosion. In Black Ops 2, even if you do find a nice place to brace for contact, enemy dogs can harmlessly pass by any shock charges or proximity explosives that can temporarily paralyze, injure, or kill a human enemy.
Such a shame. To be honest, even as a COD n00b, I didn't find it too difficult to defend against dogs just using a knife in BlOps, but that just sounds like the game is plain broken. Still on the fence about buying it, I hear the new zombies mode is really good.
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