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Re: What are you playing right now?

Never really put my laptop through it's paces- I've mostly used it for indie games. Always been very cautious when it comes to buying games for it. It's a very good laptop for the price I paid for it, but it is still just a laptop...

Just tried the State Of Decay demo. I lowered my expectations beforehand. As ambitious as it sounds, it is still just an Xbox Arcade game. Really enjoyed it, reminds me of Dead Rising, if it was less silly and much more tactical, crossed with the good bits of Deadly Premonition (ie the open-world town). The map seems pretty huge for an Xbox Arcade game, and will be buying this. If it had co-op, I'd be even happier with it, but there's a chance that's coming in the future, apparently.

Thanks for the advice btw, Pedro. Won't be buying Black Ops 2, despite my Dad-in-law trying to convince me otherwise! Bullerstorm is a game I've been meaning to try, and if you enjoy it, it's definitely motivated me to try and pick up a copy cheap.

[EDIT] Forgot to mention how much fun I'm still having in online Red Dead Redemption. Highlight thus far- Being shot off my horse by another player, one bullet in the head from him away from death, as he's stood over me. Then my mate rides along on his horse, knocks my pursuer over, allowing me to recover and finish him off with a shotgun blast to the face. Conicidentally, the moment my friend came riding along, the music suddenly became much more vibrant and upbeat. What a moment. Low point? Said friend encouraging me to look down on an enemy group from a cliff, and then pushing me off it.

[EDIT 2] Decided to go ahead and purchase State of Decay. So far, it's a great little game. And, to add to my above description, I'd also say there were elements of the home console Harvest Moon games in there- the often calming acoustic soundtrack for the quiter moments, combined with base building and resource gathering, remind me of Harvest Moon, strangely. Really looking forward to seeing if any of you guys play it, and what you think.
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